Our Approach

“You cannot understand a system unless you change it.”
– Otto Scharmer

Full moon

Like the moon, our connection to purpose anchors us.

Inspire Connections

Connection inspires wellbeing, a sense of belonging and safety, and creates responsibility to one another.  Connection inspires trust, and trust is critical for teams to move forward, together.

Our work is people-focused, whether that be with CEO’s, teams, community groups and sporting clubs. We help build and strengthen connections so groups can be their best and do their best, discovering more about the people and places around them and being clear about how they will all ‘be’ together.

In our work we actively seek out opportunities to bring groups together, creating the space for connections to spark and strengthen. We do this through conversation and inviting in different perspectives, connecting them to their purpose, each other, and the simple rules (and values) that guide how they will continue to connect in the future.

Fibonacci in a seashell

When we begin to see patterns, we find our way forward.

Unearth Possibilities

We believe that words create worlds.  

Through storytelling, reflecting on what is, and dreaming of a future different to today, we help groups navigate uncertainty by inviting them to seek out patterns and possibilities.

What we have found is that our clients discover new ways of being, thinking and doing, shifting old patterns and forging new ways forward.



Dandelion seeds carry hopes with the wind, finding new ground and sprouting new life.

Discover Wise Ways

Wise ways forward can sometimes come as big bounds but often they are baby steps.

We have supported the co-design of multi-year strategies for groups and alliances, small and large, and the most impactful ones shared three key ingredients:
    – a connected team led by values and simple rules
    – a passionate team where tension is navigated respectfully with open hearts and minds
    – leaders who endorse a simple, flexible approach balancing achievability with aspiration

(notice all three key ingredients are about the people, not the paper!)

We help you create strategies and plans that build on your strengths, represent your hopes and ideas, and help you discover wise ways forward.

Our Services

We draw on a range of frameworks and tools that are purposeful, engaging, fun and meet your objectives.  Some of our favourites include:

I wanted to say a big thank you to you both for facilitating the workshop – I am always in awe of your seamless facilitating and ability to get a group of people sharing so openly (and so quickly!). Our team were really impressed with the workshop and what was achieved in such a short period. It was particularly great to hear the reflections around people’s level of commitment and what is needed to support this moving forward.
Early and Middle Years Team Facilitator
Local Government

We Can Help

When you’re ready to do things differently and do them better. We can help.
When doing better means understanding a situation through the lens of others. We can help.


Connect to your purpose and unearth your story


Strengthen relationships and build trust


Discover a new way forward

Let’s unearth what’s possible, together.

Hatrick and Co have been an invaluable resource. Chelsey and Lisa are a pleasure to work with. They understand the importance of the community voice and are able to translate consultation outcomes into tangible actions with the community at front of mind.
Social Planning and Community Development
Local Government
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