Unearthing possibilities, together

We are strategists, optimists and problem solvers.

We help our clients articulate their why, craft their story, and work together to create plans that build connections with the people who matter most.

Unearthing solutions to complex problems, we help businesses and organisations understand and articulate:

  • who they are and how they fit and best interact with the world (identity)
  • what directions and plans to take to help bring their vision to life (strategy)
  • how to create better connections with the people and systems that will help them make lasting, positive impact (people)

We do this collectively so we can help make the world a better place for everyone.


We help you unearth your ‘why’, identify your values and craft your story. We believe words create worlds, and when you are able to confidently articulate who you are, it helps to create the world you want to see, igniting possibilities.

Some of the things we love to do:

Vision, Purpose, Mission, Values Development

Helping you understand, articulate and embed these into your world, and then helping you share your identity with the rest of the world (internal and external)

Branding – refresh, reimagining, redo

Ensuring that your visual identity, the images you choose and the language you use to share your story and connect with new and existing audiences is the best it can be. This is a passion of ours!


We capture the sparks of ideas and aspirations and work with you to develop clear goals, direction and plans to help bring your vision to life. The aim is to help you achieve lasting, positive impact.

Some of the things we love to do:

Strategic Plan Development and Implementation

Identifying the key priorities, objectives and high level actions to help you realise your vision is the first essential step. Even more importantly, is working with you to develop the plan to bring those actions to life, including onboarding your team and stakeholders, measuring impact, and ensuring you have moments to celebrate achievement along the way.

Marketing Communications Strategy and Action Plans

Creating the right messages to reach the right audiences, through the right channels at the right time (and of course, within budget!) is where it all began at Hatrick…and we love it! Whether you’re trying to build a brand, create partnerships or share change within your organisation, we’ll help you find the right tone of voice and the right messaging to achieve the right impact.


We create the space for collaborative and generative exploration, where the sharing of different perspectives serves to build on the strengths of teams and systems so they may flourish. We believe that together we are, and do, better.

Some of the things we love to do:

Stakeholder engagement and consultation

Facilitating workshops, concept explorations, focus groups and team development sessions provides such a rich learning opportunity for everyone involved – us included. Our approach is to keep it simple, create the space for every voice to be heard and to achieve the goals of the session. In person, or online, we facilitate stakeholder engagement and consultations for:

  • Local Government
  • NFP Boards
  • Staff Teams
  • Committees and community groups

To explore what’s possible in your business, organisation or group, contact us today.

Together, we can create an environment where purpose, values, strengths and heart drive success now and into the future.

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