Our Story

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only think that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Our History

For more than a decade, Hatrick and Co (formerly Hatrick Communications) have been working with for-purpose organisations – local government, state sporting associations, Primary Health Networks, National RTO’s, neighbourhood houses and clubs and community groups, and businesses – helping them create connections, unearth possibilities and discover a way forward.

From strategic planning with state sporting associations to helping a West African master drummer reimagine his goals; from engaging with mental health stakeholders across an entire region to working with a local suicide prevention collaborative; and from supporting local government to explore the impacts of loneliness across their municipality to facilitating the co-design of a community plan in a small town, our work is diverse. 

We delight in learning from those we work with.  We’ve worked across sectors and industries including: disability, youth, older people, Indigenous health, mental health, service provision, homelessness, food waste and emergency relief, suicide prevention, sport, community, forestry transition, music and the arts, and even politics!

And whilst our branding has changed, what drives us hasn’t.  We want to contribute to a better world.  And work with people and groups who are doing the same.


Our Simple Rules

At Hatrick, we believe we do better together, and we are inspired everyday by organisations, places and people we work with.

We follow a set of simple rules guiding how we will be, and how we create the space for others to be. We…

  • Start with why – do purposeful work.
  • Invite people in – welcome different perspectives.
  • Build on what’s strong – discover your strengths.
  • Lean into difference – honour the tension to find energy for change.
  • Discover something new – open our minds and suspend judgement.
  • Take action towards better – agree a wise way forward.
  • Share generously – stay connected, curious and grateful.

Our Values

Lisa & Chelsey talking to a client

Our work is underpinned by our values of:

  • Joyful Curiosity – opening our hearts and minds leads to renewed energy and thinking.
  • Shared Generosity – respectful relationships and a grateful approach help change the world.
  • Human Connectedness – conversations and connections move us from me to we.

We bring clarity, energy and direction as we walk alongside you, and we approach our work with curiosity, optimism and creativity to achieve the best outcomes.

And we are committed to delivering great outcomes.  When Hatrick was first established our business mentor and friend, Mr David Smorgon OAM, gave us a piece of advice we’ve never forgotten and still work to today – under promise and over deliver. For us, that’s about our belief in the importance and power of building and strengthening connections to change the world.

We hope to become critical friends, walking alongside you for as briefly or as long as you need.

Let us help you discover what’s strong, dream of what’s possible and design a way forward, together.

The process is fun and insightful, looking through a different lens and seeing the possibilities of each individual organisation. Lisa and Chelsey are vibrant presenters and they bring a unique method of teasing out the qualities and strengths of an organisation or individual to discover the answers and find clarity in complex problems.
Network Manager
Neighbourhood Houses
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